vanaf donderdag 21 mei kan u terug langskomen en genieten van u heerlijke koffie.

Dit zal gebeuren onder strikte voorwaarden en enkel take away. Pas op er zijn gewijzigde openingsuren door deze omstandigheden! Het  is best om onze facebook of instagram pagina te volgen om hierover meer nieuws te ontvangen. 

Open donderdag 21/5, vrijdag 22/5, zaterdag 23/5 en zondag 24/5 van 14u tot 18u.

The place for all kind cycling fanatics :

A place where you can stop on your road- or graveltrip to refuel. Having a good cup of espresso, capuccino, tea.....

Chilling and talking with other cyclists about your latest trip or your next challenge.

Bringing cyclists together from all regions, that is the meaning of  'Cyclo Boutique'.

Just ride to the horizon and back........ride, coffee, sleep, repeat.

Fresh grinded coffee, hot  & cold drinks:

A place to meet for race-, gravel- and mountainbikers.

You can come together here before your ride. In the meanwhile you can buy the best and original clothes.

Sharing your experiences of your latest ride with bikers from city's all around the Flemish region.

You can top up your energy with the best selected nutritions or keep up the caffeine level up to standard with  the special "coureur coffee" from the brand 'Grootmoeders koffie'. 

Urban and casual clothes:

We have also a collection retro, urban and casual clothes from the one and only:  'The Vandal'.

Clothes with love for the bike, special and ecologic.

Show your passion to your friends @ the pub with this unique collection.

You don't have to look further for your gravel clothes, check our shop to find out more.

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