We are very proud to offer our customers one of not only the best looking brands, but also they give you the best quality you needed on your bike.

I am very glad to be able to sell the brands

like giordana. We also have now our own designd 'Cyclo boutique' collection in cooporation with the Italien topbrand.

For people who can't bring us a visit, have a look at the webshop. We also sell urban and retro cycling clothes, herefore we have choosen for "The Vandal", one of  Belgians greatest name in urban and casual cycling fashion.

Socks and gloves:

Here we can offer you a wide range of special brands, who will put you in the spotlights of the grey looking peloton.

Brands like Doppio Slavio, MBwear, Handup gloves, Stolen goat.... are not only the best looking brands available, they are also top performing on your bike.

Great for your feet and hands in hot or cold days.

Gear, sportnutrition and accessories:

Here we also have choosen only top brands who will surtenly keeps you satify.

Our first sportsnutrition brand is "BYE nutrition", natural taste, vegan, and with respect for nature.

Second brand "MULE BAR" is vegan, agriculture biologique and you can refill your own energy gels and create less garbage on the road.

Further we have the only original  "Happy Bottom 

BUM BUTTER". Wonderful  produced vegan chamois balm. (check this in the shop!).

Last but not least we have for you "BLUB" never stop riding, wet - dry - wax lube.

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