About Us

Love for the bike

I've started with this concept for the love of  all cycling styles.

A place where you can stop on your road- or graveltrip to refuel. Having a good cup of espresso, capuccino, tea.....

Chilling and talking with other cyclists about your latest trip or your next challenge.

Bringing cyclists together from all kind off regions,

that is the meaning of 'Cyclo Boutique'.

Meanwhile checking out some great kit doping to stand up out of the grey platoon.

We've just started, but I garantee you, we selected very carefuly only top brands for you. So you don't have to worry about your clothes, pants... on your bike.

Just ride to the horizon and back........ride, coffee, sleep, repeat.


We are located in the center of the triangle Bruges 20 km - Ostend 18 km - Roeselare 16 km. This area is known in the region for his woods, gravel- and mountainbiking routes.

For those who love the longer trips, it's around 55 km to mount 'Kemmel'. One of the famous hills in the race 'Gent-Wevelgem'.

So for those who are in the area, you are very welcome for a nice cup of tea or a fresh blended coffee.

Steenstraat 36, 8820 Torhout


+32 50 21 56 13

BE 0859-680-415


Get in Touch

Do you have any questions, problems with the shop or anything else, please leave your message here and we take asap contact with you. 


Steenstraat 36 

8820 Torhout

Phone: +32 50 21 56 13

BE 0859-680-415


Our Hours

Monday, tuesday and wednesday


Thursday - friday

15.30 - 18.30


10.30 - 18.00


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